I love discovering something new.

I’m a senior researcher studying the relationship between people and online technology. My work centres on understanding context and people’s needs and experiences.

I’m passionate about helping organisations develop effective online design through this human-centred lens. Social science training helps me connect the dots and make sense of complex problems quickly.

My work has always focused on connecting with people. I started out in public engagement, before moving into user research and participatory design. Today, I work in UK and international user experience (UX) research for a FTSE 100 brand. I’m also a research scholar in digital anthropology and UX at the Ronin Institute.

I am currently studying privacy and convenience in the use of AI smart speakers, using mobile ethnography and surveys.

Professional memberships

Black text 'RAI' on white background, surrounded by geographic shapes

Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (The RAI)

White text 'EPIC' on a black background

Member of the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Community (EPIC)

AAN EASA applied anthropology network

Affiliated Member of the EASA Applied Anthropology Network

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Member of the
London School of Economics (LSE)
Digital Ethnography Collective

Member of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)